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27 Dogs Who Are SO Not Excited About Spring

This is why some dogs can't have nice things.

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1. "My excitement for warm weather is defeated by the knowledge it will one day end."

2. "I am scared of getting attached because what if it leaves me again?"

3. "Spring is here! Then it's gone and then it's here! I blame it for all my trust issues."

4. "Spring puts forth a deep, crazy longing that makes me fear my own glory days will be short lived."

5. "I trusted spring last year and then it left, without word for MONTHS. Never again."

6. "It's hard to enjoy this beer knowing this happiness will soon be over."

7. "I fear spring, like everything, will be close enough to touch but too far away to actually enjoy."

8. "I enjoyed some glorious moments in the sun, but can't escape the fear it will soon all be over for all of us."

9. "If we can't enjoy happiness for always, why experience it at all?"

10. "They say it's spring but there is still a cold winter everywhere I look."

11. "I'm smiling to keep from crying."


12. "Look, I'm 'springing', I'm trying. I just can't escape the notion that these flowers will all be dead soon."

13. "I regret not going outside for the first day of warmth but couldn't bring myself to meet something that will disappear. Are all my interactions this finite?"

14. "Spring's swift, inevitable exit, was the first time I began to distrust the notion of love."

15. "I see the greenery and I just see the decay of us all."

16. "First day of spring, you say? More like one day closer to death."

17. "Why would the world subject me to such beauty if it's just going to tear it away from me?"

18. "It's not even that warm outside."

19. "There is a darkness that lurks behind the shadow of the sun that none of us can escape."

20. "I've realized the longing is sometimes better than the having. Should I even bother with this toy?"

21. "The panic to enjoy the outdoors while I can makes me wonder if life is just one gigantic flash sale of desperation."

22. "Everything good leaves and then I realize there is nothing to truly fill the void within."

23. "How can I play fetch when nothing else promises the same return?"

24. "Will I one day run out of treats, as the world will eventually run out of its warmth?"

25. "I love the grass! But fear the days it will not be so green and bountiful."

26. "Ah yes, the coming of spring marks a passage of time we must all face but continually refuse to do so."

27. "As much as I try to pretend, I know this soon will all be over."


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