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    27 Cats Who Will Make You Question Evolution

    They're lucky they're so cute.

    1. This cat who vastly over-estimated his jumping skills.

    2. This cat who still doesn't understand reflective surfaces.

    3. This cat who accepted defeat way too soon.

    4. This weirdo.

    5. This little guy who's trying, at least.

    6. This cat who's been stuck like this for three years.

    7. This cat who just couldn't slinky.

    8. This cat who got a little too excited about the playpen.

    9. This cat who understands fish but refuses to understand glass.

    10. And this cat who is so easily distracted when fishing.

    11. This cat.

    12. This cat who has no idea how slippers work.

    13. This cat who doesn't even know how to relax.

    14. This cat who is honestly lucky to be alive with those poor decision making skills.

    15. This cat who will never learn.

    16. This cat who had accepted his fate as the "Forever Stair Cat" before his humans came to rescue him.

    17. This cat who does not understand the danger he's in.

    18. This cat who doesn't know the meaning of "solid surfaces".

    19. This cat who has done this one too many times.

    20. This cat who got a little overzealous with his climbing endeavors.

    21. This cat who can't stop, won't stop.

    22. Whatever's going on here.

    23. This cat who can't party.

    24. This cat who can't even get tissues right.

    25. This horrible burglar.

    26. This cat who had some trouble gardening.

    27. But, even if they can be pretty dumb, at least they're incredibly cute!

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