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Posted on Nov 27, 2013

25 Reasons To Be Thankful For Your Pet

Most of these reasons are hugs.

1. They give the best hugs.

2. They are compliant even when you need a hug and they're asleep.

3. They are excellent nap time pals.

4. They're always there for you.

5. They trust you and you trust them.

6. They greet you with so much love and the most adorable smiles.

7. Kisses! Even beaked, they give the sweetest kisses just when you need them!

8. They are patient as you get your tricks just right.

(So long as the pepperoni is part of the deal.)

9. They're there to comfort you when you need.

10. They make you so happy when you wake up together and they're just the cutest.

11. They give great high fives.

12. And will calmly warm your chest and heart with their big hugs. Did I mention hugs are a big part of this?

13. They patiently wait for you when you need to get stuff done.

14. They are the best people to hang out with and do nothing with.


16. They never want you to leave.

17. OH and the hugs! Have I mentioned that yet? Because it is very important.


19. Pets are seriously the best thing to happen to humans.

20. Just when you think they can't get any cuter, they cuddle with each other.

21. Seriously, my god. This alone should make you so thankful for all pets.

22. So make sure to give your pet a kiss...

23. ...and a hug...

24. ...and a good belly rub!

25. Because furry, feathered or otherwise, your pet is someone to be thankful for!

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