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23 Photos That Prove Pug Shaming Is The Best Kind Of Dog Shaming

Because who couldn't forgive a face like that?

1. This little stinker.

2. This likely excuse.

3. Anyone who's experienced pug cuddles, has experienced this lovely occurrence.

4. He's just being thoughtful! Picking up wet poo < picking up dry poo.

5. If you didn't want to share, you should've put your name on it.

6. Disgusting as it may be: his dish, his rules.

7. Classic trick.

8. It's too funny to stay mad.

9. A pug's gotta establish dominance somehow.

10. A pug's gotta do what a pug's gotta do.

11. Teamwork is an undervalued skill these days.

12. No dog should be forced to put on shoes so this one's on you.

13. Just good tactics.

14. Basically, he's a unicorn and should be paraded through the streets like the magical creature he is.

15. I like eating my subs in peace too, don't see the problem with this.

16. Fair point.

17. YOU try distinguishing between the fence on the right and the fence on the left. I DARE YOU.

18. Baby's gotta learn.

19. It's called SYMPATHY.

20. As long as he doesn't blame anyone else, this is understandable and adorable.

21. He doesn't understand why he's being shamed for not being wasteful and tbh, I don't get it either.

22. You didn't tell him he couldn't destroy things, you just specified his bed.

23. Okay, fine this was a lose-lose for everyone.