23 Freedom-Lovin' Dogs


    1. This American celebrates his freedom to dye his hair however he chooses!

    2. Just talking about freedom make this patriot freak out.

    3. A bath? He doesn't care, it's almost AMERICA'S BIRTHDAY!

    4. This Dogtue of Libertay keeps it real, keeps it classic.

    5. This guy exercises his right to pursue happiness by dressin' to the nines.

    6. This patriotic peacemaker wants to give you a hug full of America and freedom.

    7. This historian wants you to enjoy his razzle-dazzle.

    8. This guy just heard you mention a barbecue, and fireworks, and AMERICA.

    9. This dog remains brave in the face of terrifying fireworks.

    10. This gal shows her patriotism by eating America's favorite pastime.

    11. This American will be very disappointed in you if you don't dress in your red, white, and blue.

    12. This girl only takes one thing seriously: HER NATION.

    13. These guys doin' an American duet.

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    14. This guy's main act of patriotism is beer. Tons and tons of beer.

    15. This beautiful American's only wish is to have more flags.

    16. This dog knows the importance of a good ol' American watermelon.

    17. This dog's patriotism shines so bright, she has to put on shades.

    18. This dog wears that bandanna every day.

    19. All the dogs who choose to eat this show their patriotism at every meal.

    20. This gal running for mayor of your American heart.

    21. This stoic patriot knows how to bring a crowd of Americans to tears.

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    22. This adorable example of Americana is so excited to sing the "Star-Spangled Banner" at tonight's game.

    23. And this vet should make us all proud to be an American.

    24. Dog Bless America.