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23 Everyday Awkward Situations

If it happens to all of us, why the hell is it so awful??

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1. When you wave to someone you don't know and then try to play it cool.

Look, they probably didn't even realize you were waving at them. This feels more awful than it is. (*What you tell yourself*)


8. That whole, "hug or kiss on the cheek, shit this turned into a real kiss" confusion.

That kiss on the cheek is presumptuous and only leads to kissing less "chic" individuals with a kiss on their neck that they did not want.


13. Doing something silly and your friend ignores it, making you seem like a real a-hole.

If you act like an asshole and no one sees it, are you still an asshole? YES, BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO LIVE WITH YOURSELF.

17. Getting into a crowded elevator, facing the opposite direction of everyone else, and not being able to turn around.


19. Not correcting someone when they mispronounce your name and then you end up getting to know them and every time they say "Kelsey" instead of "Chelsea" it's painfully awkward.

Yes, you should correct them right away, but if you don't catch them and it's just a quick "hey, wrong name!" it's so.freakin.hard.


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