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22 Times Animals Proved They Have Souls

From small embraces to acts of heroism: There should be no doubt that animals have souls.

The pope announced today that animals actually do go to heaven.

The senior director of faith outreach at the Humane Society of the United States, Christine Gutleben, told the New York Times, "If the pope did mean that all animals go to heaven, then the implication is that animals have a soul." The pope has set a great example at recognizing what animals have been showing us all along: They do, indeed, have souls. Here are just a few examples.

1. Any time a dog met his human coming home from war.

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2. Or a mother and daughter embraced.

David Gray / Reuters

3. When three lions saved an abducted Ethiopian girl.

Creative Commons / Flickr: 19953384@N00

In 2005, a 12-year-old girl was abducted and beaten by seven men attempting to force her into marriage with one of them. The girl was missing for a week when she was found guarded by three lions. Police say that the lions “stood guard until we found her and then they just left her like a gift and went back into the forest.” If it weren’t for these lions, the girl’s fate most likely would have been far worse.

4. When Roselle and Salty led their blind humans down 70 floors in the World Trade Center before the towers fell on September 11th.

5. When Killian the dog saved his 7-month-old human from an abuser.

Abc News

In 2013, a babysitter was arrested for child abuse thanks to their loyal family dog. The babysitter had been working for the family for five months when Killian, their normally friendly dog, became volatile around her. This roused the parents' suspicions, so they decided to leave an iPhone under their couch to record what happened when they were gone. Unfortunately, the iPhone confirmed their suspicions: The woman had been verbally and physically abusive to the child. Thanks to the heroic dog, the baby is back in safe hands (and paws).

6. Every day that therapy animals of all kinds bring joy and comfort to humans.

7. This cat who cuddles with his little baby human.

8. Kabang, who risked everything to save two girls from being hit by a motorcycle.

AP Photo/Bullit Marquez

After pushing her human's daughter and niece out of the way of a speeding motorcyclist, Kabang suffered extensive injuries. Luckily, her story touched people around the world and she was able to go to the United States to undergo her lifesaving surgeries.

9. This cat who video chats with his human when he's away.

10. When these two cats guarded their new siblings.

11. When George sacrificed himself to save five children from a pack of wild dogs.

12. When the Newtown therapy dogs helped a town get through one of the worst tragedies.

13. When Koko the gorilla continued to show extreme empathy as she remembered and mourned her friend Robin Williams.

14. Every day when Thula helps her human thrive and grow.

15. When cows proved they're amazing best friends.

Creative Commons / Flickr: 64294921@N00

16. When monkeys disputed unequal pay.

Creative Commons / Flickr: 44124385307@N01

17. When Tarra mourned her best friend, Bella, giving yet another example of elephants' extreme empathy.

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Tarra and Bella were best friends in an elephant sanctuary. When the dog, Bella, sadly passed away, Tarra found Bella and carried her back home to bury her. Amazingly, as Tarra was grieving, the other elephants gathered around, bringing food to comfort her.

18. When Christian the Lion remembered his humans from childhood.

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19. When it was discovered that rats laugh.

20. When this puppy took the time out his day to teach a baby some new tricks.

21. Animals show us their souls every day...

Kaelin Tully

22.'s just about time we recognize it.

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