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    22 Animals Who Are Upset Punxsutawney Phil Lied To Them

    He promised an early Spring but in most places, it's been cold and sometimes even snowy! These animals understand your frustration and have also had enough!

    The news of an early Spring made you SO EXCITED

    But Spring came on the calendar but the weather stayed the same

    What? I still have to wear a winter coat??


    This corgi still can't find his way out of this tunnel.

    Could've stayed in bed, cozy like this.

    But instead went outside, expecting Spring. And got this.

    Saw flurries on the second day of Spring

    You fo real with this shit, Phil?

    This baby Dik-Dik didn't know who to blame.

    Punxsutawney is all NO GUYS, I'm just a groundhog. It's a lot of pressure.

    "You had one job, Phil"

    Made this pup so sad.


    Would've just stayed inside longer.

    Promised a nice spring climb, got a frigid stick instead.

    This panda now has tummy burn. All cause of Punxsutawney Phil.

    So this is what cold, fluffy betrayal feels like.


    This penguin is stuck in the ice cold water.

    Snow doesn't even effect him but he does not like liars.

    This monkey summarizes everyone's sentiment pretty well.

    So get your shit together next year, Phil.

    No more lies, okay?

    "I'm disappointed in me too, guys"