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21 Dogs Gettin' Down To Business

Fact*: dog business accounts for 76% of the world's revenue. *Not a fact but SHOULD be.

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1. This driver's ed instructor teaching this baby how to drive.

2. This dog who decided to work from home today but he's still all bidness.

3. This shopkeeper.

4. The dog protecting this fawn until her mama comes home.

5. This fashion designer who INSISTS on trying his fabric..., REALLY test it...

...before making it into a very nice hat.

6. This prime model of a tourist.

7. This dedicated factory worker.

8. This dog who works in the lucrative ice distribution business.

9. This dog who would NEVER let a doll have such a demise.

10. This interspecies diplomat.

11. This lady who KNOWS when her agent is not giving her a good deal.

12. This casual entrepreneur selling prized dolls on the side of the street.

Creative Commons / Flickr: 61456874@N00

13. This stylist who is, in fact, judging you right now.

14. This gatekeeper of all business.

15. This gardener.

16. This protector of all things bathroom related.

17. This lady who wakes up early to check the stocks.

18. This pup who knows the key to being a good paperboy is finesse.

19. This lad who can't stop, won't stop.

20. This boss who would like you to stop interrupting her business meeting with your shenanigans.

21. Finally, this guy taking care of the most important of all the business.

Nice work, dogs!

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