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    21 Copy Cats

    The term had to come from somewhere.

    1. This cat who saw this baby and was all, "I can do that, no problem."

    2. This cat who took napping advice from his human.

    3. This cat who's awesome at mirroring his person.

    4. This cat who rawrs with the best of 'em.

    5. This cat who prefers synchronized stretching.

    6. This cat who is so good at copying, it's actually kind of scary.

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    7. This cat who NEVER loses at Simon Says.

    8. This cat who is practicing a "laptop" position so she's ready for the day she has her own.


    9. This cat who reciprocates love by copying.

    10. This cat who would never lose Slap Jack, even in his sleep.

    11. This cat who copies his owner, bag and all, in order to make the best travel companion.

    12. This cat who doesn't know why he's copying but knows it feels right.

    13. This cat who copies her owner out of solidarity against the enemy.

    14. This cat who drew inspiration not from her human, but from a piece of art her human botched.

    15. This cat who knows her fighting will only get better by copying a pro's.

    16. This cat who just likes to annoy his owner by repeating everything he does.

    17. This cat who, assessing his castle, decided he should copy his owner's eating habits as well.

    18. This cat who loves bro-ing out through imitation.


    19. This cat who cannot be tricked even in the most complicated games of Copy Cat.

    20. This cat who just knows how adorable it is to mimic this baby.

    21. Lastly, this kitten who is the champion of all the copy cats in the world.

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