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21 Babies Who Are More Badass Than You

Under two but still going to school you.

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1. This rock and roller.

2. This badass poker player here to take you for all you're worth.

3. This guy who knows the importance of singing like no one's listening.

4. This casual rocker.


5. This lil shimmy and shaker.

6. This expert dancer...

7. ...and this one...

8. ...and this one.


9. This dude who literally gives zero fucks.

10. This dude who isn't afraid to take what's (not) his.

11. This baby who will sleep where she wants, when she wants.

12. This baby who has no time for your shit...


13. ...and this one who doesn't have time for Grandma's shit either.

14. This heavy metal dude.

15. This baby who doesn't even care, he'll go up on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...

16. The youngest hockey coach of all time.


17. This baby who dared to DREAM.

18. This baby who has no time for mediocre bullshit.

19. This sports fan who knows how to get his team going.

20. This EXTREME super hero.

21. And this dude who just wants you to keep it cool, as best you can.