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    20 Dogs Who Cannot Believe You Just Farted

    We've all done it. Your dad, your teacher, your grandma, your bank teller. Even dogs. Everyone toots but that doesn't stop these pups from being sooo embarrassed that you just farted in public.

    1. Some want to give you the benefit of the doubt, you wouldn't possibly do that in public.

    2. He knew right away.

    3. "Common, man."

    4. "Are you for real, bro?"

    5. So embarrassed.

    6. This guy thought you were better than that.

    7. Not even angry, just disappointed.

    8. Then the smell hits...

    9. "No."

    10. "Why?"

    11. "Seriously, what did you eat??"

    12. "The horror!!"

    13. "I TRUSTED YOU."

    14. "You nasty."

    15. Some turn to friends for comfort.

    16. Others hide.

    17. Cannot believe your lack of decency.

    18. He'll do anything to get the smell out of his nose.

    19. Some would rather smell a shoe.

    20. Don't worry too much though. Your real friends might like it.