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19 Dogs Who Are Already So Over Pumpkin Spice Season

They get that you like the flavor but they just need you to calm down a little bit.

1. "Hey, we need to talk."

2. "All this talk about pumpkin spice flavor makes me worried about your well-being..."

3. "I was happy too once, accepting it was a seasonal delicacy."

4. "But then I learned the truth: Starbucks, Dunkin', the WORLD was withholding those flavors to just make them seem special."

5. "For years, I would wonder, WHERE DID IT GO WHERE DID IT GO, and then it would waltz back into my life, and you know what? I'm done with that emotional roller coaster."

6. "You're excited for pumpkin spice latte season but what about me? I'm deliciously adorable year-round."

7. "I'm going to come out and say it: Pumpkin spice lattes are OK at best."

8. "You know what else is good? Maybe even better? Regular coffee."

9. "My birthday only comes once a year and I don't see you freaking out about that."

10. "I'm going to say it. Your pics of your pumpkin spice latte with a pumpkin spice scone are more intolerable than baby pics."

11. "If you don't get to experience fall in all its glory, you may have one Facebook status about it but no more."

12. "I enjoy the fall as well. You're ruining it."

13. "I am actually concerned you have nothing else in your life to be excited about."

14. "Not to be a complete downer, but when you celebrate 10 years of PSLs you're just celebrating some top-notch marketing."

15. "Autumn leaves are something you can actually only get once a year. Pumpkin spice? IT'S A MANUFACTURED SYRUP."

16. "Thank you for updating your FB status for the 10th time about pumpkin flavors. You're right, I wouldn't know it was fall otherwise."

17. "I am seriously reconsidering our friendship."

18. "Don't tell my humans but I blocked them on FB for just the fall."

19. "OK, yeah, I do enjoy the PSL too, but you don't see me flaunting it to the world."