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19 Cats Who Need To Get A Frickin' Job

At least make use of those snoozin' skills!

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1. This cat who hasn't paid rent in years.

2. Susan who has been spending too much time trying to climb up this slide.

3. This cat who just makes a mockery of his human's hard work.

4. This cat who is getting a little too into his games.

5. This cat does not contribute to ANY of the household income and yet he gets the chair??? Typical.

6. This cat who honestly just needs to get a job to support his gambling habit.

7. This cat who definitely could've applied to three jobs in the amount of time it took him to get his brother in the jar.

8. This cat who took lazy to the next level.

9. This cat who took "get a job" as "put your butt in your humans face more."

10. This cat who has continually given this look to his humans when they politely suggest he at least search for a job.

11. This cat who SAID he had a job but really he has a new place to nap instead.

12. This cat who could use his snow plowing skills for good instead of for a mess.

13. This cat who needs to start contributing to her own ~stealing sushi~ habit.

14. This cat who might as well apply to be a hunter since that's what she pretends to do all day.

15. This cat who is really getting carried away with bossing the shiba around.

16. This cat who spends too much of her time taking selfies.

17. This cat just lazin' all day everyday. Like honestly, who does he think he is???

18. This chub who won't even enter an eating contest. AT LEAST MAKE USE OF YOUR SKILLS, SIR.

19. At least this cat took his job as "stair guard" very seriously.

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