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    17 Pugs Who Are So Proud Of You

    Hey, if life's ever getting you down, remember these pugs have your back.

    1. "Oh, it's OK if you don't know what you're doing with your life yet. You'll figure it out!"

    2. "I always knew you could!"

    3. "Don't listen to Stephanie back there, you can definitely complete the marathon."

    4. "Even with these goggles on, you're spectacular!"

    5. "You have nailed the perfect knock-knock joke! Proud of you."

    6. "You're a really great human type and that is something to celebrate."

    7. "A+ tickling! A++!!!"

    8. "You birthed a human that's not disgusting — so proud to be your friend!"

    9. "Hey, you gave it your best shot. Half of succeeding is failing with grace anyways!"

    10. "Nice work!"

    11. "No job? That's OK, in the meantime, more beach time with us!"

    12. "Trust me, you look just as good in your grills as I do."

    13. "Celebrating your life with this trick."

    14. "You host the best pool parties. Proud of you, friend."

    15. "Fantastic trip to Disneyland even though Haunted Mansion was too scary. You are doing A-OK."

    16. "Come on a scenic walk with me. You deserve it."

    Amanda Marshall

    17. "You deserve 1 million of these."