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    17 Dogs Who Understand How You Feel About Pizza

    Drool at the simple mention of a cheesy, delicious slice? These guys get it.

    1. "Pizza is my lifeblood. Just smelling it gets me going."

    2. "Yes, I do dress up as a superhero every year for Halloween."

    3. "Just a taste, just a taste of that sweet, sweet delight."

    4. "Pizza on the floor? Nope, not above it."

    5. "NOTHING compares to having a loved one feed you the juicy nectar of the gods."

    6. "Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at supper long as pizza's still pizza, I'm there."

    7. "Oh fuck yes, give this to me. Give me that delectable, cheesy goodness."

    8. "Yeah, I eat it backwards. It's called 'doggy style'...what? That term is already taken?"

    9. "Get the fuck away from my pizza or I will end you. I will you end you right here with that wine bottle."


    11. "I like to savor the moment before I get exactly what I want. Sweet, sweet serenity."

    12. "Why must the world tease me so?"

    13. "Don't look at me while I devour this, there are some things you can't unsee."

    14. "Look into my left eye, stare into my soul. Great, now you're feeling sleeeepy, so sleepy that you will drop the pizza in 3, 2..."

    15. "You call this shit pizza?"

    16. "The lengths I go to for the sweet delight of a gooey, warm, delicious slice."

    17. "I always take things too far."