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    17 Dogs Who Are So Embarrassed By Their Costumes

    "Make it stop"-these dogs

    1. The pup who was the only one to wear a costume to daycare.

    2. And the one who literally faked dying to not go out in this outfit.

    3. This guy who really thinks the wig is a bit much.

    4. These two unamused penguins.

    5. These little guy who really, truly hates squirrels.

    6. This pup who really just wanted to be Dumbledore.

    7. And this one who wanted to be a princess for ONCE.

    8. This horrified clown.

    9. This lion who is not willing to brave it out for this costume.

    10. And this guy who wants more cookie, less monster.

    11. This guy who's embarrassed by all of it.

    12. This pup who is actually terrified of Big Bird.

    13. And this one who is scared of what all his friends will think.

    14. This lady who would like to see you try to go around in a seal outfit and not complain.

    15. And this gentleman who has way too much pride to go out as this.

    16. This buddy who's really trying to be a good sport but you're making it really hard.

    17. And this one who just wants to make it all stop.