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17 Cats Who Are Too Fluffy For Their Own Good

Stop. It's fluffy time.

1. Everyone knows cats are beautiful palaces that purr but sometimes those little palaces are just so fluffy it hurts.

2. Like what IS this? How can one thing be so fluffy and so cute??

3. Even this lil' lion is mad about it.

4. This dude got himself stuck with his fluff.

5. This kitten who knows the fluff is too much for everyone involved.

6. And this one who had to be contained, she was just too much.

7. This one who knows her fluff could launch a thousand ships and is waiting for the perfect chance to use that to her advantage.

8. This guy who regrets being so fluffy and so cute because he'd just rather not be hugged.

9. And this fluffy master who literally knocked that woman out with her fluff. Like, she was forced into a nap because the fluff was so hypnotizing.

Lemon Dauterman

10. This snoozer who's bashful about how fluffy he is.

11. And this one who is unsure whether she's ready to unleash her fluff onto the world.

12. This lil' man who is so dang smug because he knows the power he holds in that fur.

13. And this one who only wants to use her fluff for good.

14. Even that banana is sitting in awe of the fluff.

15. Listen, I know it, you know it, we all know it: Fluff is sometimes just TOO MUCH TO HANDLE.

16. MY GOD.


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