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16 Pugs Create The Most Romantic Proposal Of A Lifetime

Pugs with balloons literally make everything better.

If there's one thing pugs know, it's love.

So when a Londoner named Ed called upon NYC's Pug Meet Up to help propose to the love of his life, they had no choice but to rally.

Mr. Shiznit was nervous but knew they could pull it off.

Finally, when the time came, the pugs strapped on their heart balloons and stormed the bridge.

Surrounded by pug love, Ed got down on one knee and proposed to Alex.

And she said yes!

Gus the pug thought back fondly on his own proposal to his wife many moons ago.

"I was very happy to be part of the proposal," said Hamilton Pug, "I just wish it took place next to a hot dog cart."

The pugs obliged with a photo shoot for the soon-to-be newlyweds.

As a token of gratitude, each pug got their own special dog tag.

The pugs rejoiced and puffed up their chests with pride, for they fulfilled their pugly duties.

So congrats to the newly engaged couple! And may their lives be full of pugs and happiness!

H/T Bark Post