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    16 Dogs Who Want To Bring Back Game Night

    Mostly so they can beat you at Scrabble.

    1. "Our last family night was so bittersweet."

    2. "I fear you cancelled it because I was so good. TOO good."

    3. "Yeah, I can read upside down. There's no need to be intimidated."

    4. "Remember how much fun we had together?"

    5. "I can beat anyone with my eyes closed, why would you take that away from me?"

    6. "Scrabble was the wine over which we bonded."

    7. "I learned to be thoughtful through Scrabble."

    8. "And that raging party we had? I won like 5,000 dollars."

    9. "I want those days back."

    10. "The days when we made each other laugh with the written word."

    11. "The days when the thrill of winning was so strong."

    12. "It's time to get down and dirty."

    13. "It's time for me to reclaim my crown."

    14. "Scrabble is my passion..."

    15. "Scrabble is my life..."

    16. "Scrabble is my everything."

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