14 Animals To Fawn Over If You’re In A Cuteness Rut

We’ve all been there: You love your go-to cuties but sometimes it gets boring googling the same animals over and over. Whether you’re normally a cat, dog, or pig person, this quiz has got you covered.

  1. Do you like cats?
    1. Yes!
  1. Guinea pigs make you swoon?
    1. Um, duh!
  1. Dogs normally your jam?
  1. Hamsters make you squee?
    1. YES! But that’s normal-what else can I squee over?
  1. Adorable owls ruffle your feathers in the most adorable way?
    1. YES! But they’re everywhere now, what else would I like??
  1. You love yourself a hedgie??
    1. UM DUH
  1. Can't get over the cutie smile of the puffer fish?
    1. Yes! But my friends are getting me sick of talking about it!
  1. You just lovelovelove all little piggies?
    1. YES!!! But sometimes I want to talk about something more original!
  1. Are sloths more your style?
    1. Umm do I use the internet? The answer is: obviously.
  1. Love love love cows??

    (ESPECIALLY highland ones???)

    1. YES DUH but like, everyone knows cows are fantastic. What else could I faun over??
  1. Snakes have slithered their ways into your heart?
    1. Yes! And nobody gets it!
  1. Want to curl up with an adorable panda?
  1. Lambs make your heart go pitter-patter?
    1. Pitter patter? MORE LIKE THUMP OUT OF MY CHEST!
  1. Or are you normally more of a dolphin person?
    1. Yes! They are so smart and adorable!!
  1. Wish you could live in an aviary and be best friends with these kinds of creatures??
    1. YES!!! Wait can I? Please?
  1. Have elephants stampeded into your heart??
    1. Yes! They’ve left huge footprints on my impressionable heart. But sometimes a need a break…

15. Now that you’re out of your cuteness rut, go forth! Spread enlightenment! Enjoy your day!

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