10 GIFs Of Animals Being So Very Very Sneaky

Just in time for “April Fools”, here’s some animals who are masters at being mischievous. Watch your back, they may be tricking you next.

1. These bears know when to back up slowly when trickery has gone awry.

2. This penguin steals the rocks of the other penguin. So smart, so sneaky.

3. Surprise!!

4. This fox takes golf balls to confuse golfers.

5. Classic surprise attack and snatch by this monkey.

6. Pug acting cool, acting sly: achieves his deception.

7. This monkey took it too far!

8. Nobody suspects a seagull.

9. This cat who successfully scared this dog.

10. And this dog is so proud of his hiding space, it doesn’t even matter that you found him.

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