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This Film Speech Came From A Disney Channel Movie

All hail Movie Mason.

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In the late 1990's and early 2000's, Disney Channel was in its prime, booming with original movies and TV shows.

One of the most popular DCOM films from this time was Phantom of the Megaplex.

The story line essentially surrounds this guy named Pete, a teenage workaholic, and the megaplex he works at that just happens to be preparing for a big time movie premiere.

Things start getting a little freaky at this megaplex; movies start malfunctioning, popcorn machines go insane, so the staff (as well as Pete's little sister and brother) immediately assume there's a phantom on the loose!

Shudders. Also Scary Terri and Racy Lacy.

But who we're focusing on here is this guy, Movie Mason. Or, as many others know him, the legendary Mickey Rooney.

Everyone thinks Mason is the phantom, as he was "fired" from the megaplex just that night, and obviously is trying to seek his revenge on those who have done him and his beloved cinema wrong.

We meet Movie Mason once again in his creepy hideaway in what is seeming to be an all out confrontation and where the phantom is finally revealed, but we instead witness one of the most beautiful speeches in all of film.

Commence tears.

Commence tears.

Mason's iconic speech goes a little something like this:

Fact: Rooney's incredible nod to his real-life best friend, Judy Garland.

Fact: Rooney's incredible nod to his real-life best friend, Judy Garland.

You can watch the entire speech here

View this video on YouTube

Needless to say, Movie Mason was not the phantom.

We're talkin' to you SHAWN MACGIBBON.

We're talkin' to you SHAWN MACGIBBON.

But what we did discover is not only an example of Disney Channel's fantastic screenwriting in 2000, but that cinema and film has served as an incredible experience for moviegoers throughout the years, and will continue to for all time.

Thank you, Movie Mason.

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