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8 Things One Should Know To Survive Their First Track Meet

Track is a sport that is very competitive. Some people love the adrenaline they get from performing in front of a crowd, while others, who have never performed in front of a large crowd, find it very nerve wrecking. There are a few things one can do to keep them from feeling so nervous about the race. Track runners: Keep calm and run to the best of your ability!

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8. Train for the event you're competing in

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This is your very first track meet! There would be nothing more embarrassing than not knowing what to do in your race. In order to avoid that situation, it is important to train hard for the race you're running. During practice, take advantage of the time you have to improve your abilities.

7. Eat Right

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Eating right is an essential! If you choose to eat a bunch of junk food the night before the race, then you probably won't perform your best. It is important that you eat a healthy diet because it will allow you to maintain energy throughout the race. Eating right is the key to fuel your performance. It will allow you to perform at your best !

6. Have Proper Equipment

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Before running a meet, one should always come prepared with the proper equipment they need. I'm pretty sure no one wishes to be the odd ball on the field. Therefore, you should always bring track cleats and uniform. This equipment is required for every race. The equipment you need may vary depending upon the event you're competing in.

5. Get The Proper Amount of Rest

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Training for track can be very tiresome. Also running a race requires A LOT of energy! Getting enough rest allows your muscles to repair. Resting also allows your mind to regenerate.

4. Stretch

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Let's talk about stretching ! Stretching is also a major key to performing your best. Stretching allows you to loosen up your muscles for the race. It also allows the body to warm up. To perform well in a race your body needs to be lose and warm, so therefore stretching is the best method. If you choose not to stretch before the race your body may begin to cramp up during the race. Cramps are the worst feeling for a runner!

3. Hydration

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No need to debate, when it’s hot you must hydrate! Hydration is not an option. The cells in your body depend upon water to survive. Without water your cell's feel as if they are dying, so you know what that means? It means you are going to feel as if you are dying during the race. On top of that you may pass out, so you need to make sure you are well hydrated before your race.

2. Pace Yourself

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3,2,1.. Bang! And the race has started. It's a bunch of runners in the race, therefore try to put as much space between yourself and the other runners. You accomplish that goal , but when you look to your side you notice there is a fierce competitor that is trying to pass. Even though you guys haven't even reached the second curve on the track yet, so what do you do ? Keep your same pace until you are on that curve! Unknowingly, the runner who tried to pass you will be burned out because he/ she used all of their energy trying to get ahead in the beginning of the race. He/she will lose speed drastically! Once you have reach the point where you see your last 100 meters, that is when you give it all you got ! Run as fast as possible so you can finish your race strong!

1. Just Breathe

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Breathing is the most important factor while running. It is best to breath out of your mouth, because it allows for you to control your breathing. If you don't breath properly, then you will find your self very short of breath. The number one reason breathing is the most important factor is because it will allow you to calm your nerves.

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