Thirteen Times “Clue” Reminded You Of How Amazing It Is

The movie Clue is so underrated. Just when you think it couldn’t get any better, it does.

Clue is PERFECT to watch this time of year but it’s super funny and fun to watch ANY time of year.

1. First of all, let’s start out with Tim Curry…and his faces.

The many faces of Tim Curry.

2. The part where they literally made a spectacle over the fact that Tim Curry, aka Wadsworth the Butler, clearly stepped in dog feces.

Every single guest smelled it and checked their shoes. So thorough.

3. Then we get to the part where this woman’s voice is not what you’re expecting to come out of that body.

I mean, she’s sharpening a knife in a super creepy way and suddenly speaks in a normal, soft-spoken lady voice. What?

4. When Miss Scarlet was unimpressed with having to pair off with Colonel Mustard.

5. When Mrs. White thought her marriage with her ex-husband was a matter of life and death.

6. And made every man in the room nervous.

With good reason…I mean, she DID cut off her *dead* husbands…well.

7. When all personal barriers were broken.

8. When Wadsworth failed at the trust fall.


9. When Mrs. White made out with a dead man.

That’s dedication right there.

10. When Yvette, the french maid, and Mr. Green were too afraid to go up into the attic alone…so they went together.

Why is her body doing that?

11. When it was exposed that Mrs. Peacock’s favorite meal was monkey brains.

I mean, really? Gross.

12. When Mrs. White said this.


13. When Mrs. White hated Yvette so much there were flames on the side of her face.

SPOILER ALERT. Best part of the entire movie. More like Mrs. White was the greatest part of the movie.

Basically every part of this movie was hysterically perfect. If this has reminded you of how much you loved “Clue” or it’s an introduction to an amazing movie you’ve never seen, YOU’RE WELCOME. Now go watch it!! ITS ON NETFLIX!

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