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    13 Traditions And Customs You Probably Didn't Know Existed In Other Countries

    Birthday rituals, taboo moves, and everything in between.

    1. In Denmark, if you're unmarried on your 25th birthday, you might be doused in cinnamon.

    2. In the Lopburi province of Thailand, residents prepare a massive buffet for local monkeys.

    Three monkeys climbing a giant pyramid made of colorful fruits and vegetables

    3. In Oaxaca, Mexico, a massive radish-carving festival brings unique flavor to the holiday season.

    Three human figures (carved out of radishes) wearing sombreros and playing musical instruments

    4. Every year, Czechs hold a witch-burning festival to ward off the evil of winter.

    5. In South Korea, it's considered taboo to use red ink to write someone's name.

    woman holding a red pen

    6. In the United States, a groundhog predicts the length of the winter season.

    old man holding up a groundhog while men in top hats cheer in the background

    7. In certain countries, children toss their lost teeth on the roof.

    a child holding their missing tooth

    8. In New Zealand, the Māori haka is a traditional dance performed as a sign of strength, unity, and pride.

    Two members of the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team pulling intimidating faces while doing the haka

    9. In the United Kingdom, it's an old tradition to greet magpies.

    10. In Mexico, it's tradition to take a bite straight from your birthday cake — then get your face smashed into it.

    11. In Buñol, Spain, overripe tomatoes are used for a giant food fight each year.

    Woman in a crowd absolutely covered in tomatoes (and their juices) at a tomato festival in Spain

    12. In Australia, it's common to sit in the front seat of a taxi.

    the roof of a taxi driving in Sydney, Australia

    13. In one Scotland town, New Year's is celebrated with (literal) balls of fire.

    What little-known customs or traditions does your country take part in? Let us know in the comments!

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