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    15 Canadian Recpies You Need To Know

    Ingredients: Maple Syrup

    1. First thing first, the holy Poutine

    2. Butter Tarts are a Canadian classic that the rest of the world is missing out on

    3. Caesars - putting Bloody Mary's to shame since 1969

    4. Maple Crullers need to be in your diet yesterday

    5. Blueberry Grunt is basically berries and a sweet dumpling topping

    6. Sugar Pie is not just an endearing nickname in Canada

    7. Tourtière meat pie isn't to picky when it comes to its ingredients

    8. Maple-Candied Bacon

    9. Beaver Tails, taste way better than they sound

    10. Nanaimo Bars, the legend

    11. Bannock and all of its many uses

    12. Maple Cream Cookies

    13. Sucre à la Crème

    14. Flapper Pie is making its come back

    15. Toutons, Newfoundlands Pancake