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    14 Reasons To Get Ready For Fall In Canada

    Summer is starting to end pretty quickly (just ask those guys in Alberta), and that means winter is coming. But that also means crimson reds, golden yellows and flaming oranges are about to make their appearance from coast to coast.

    1. Queen Elizabeth Park, British Columbia

    kazinvan / Via

    Queen Elizabeth Park is a 130-acre park that includes both evergreens and deciduous trees (the ones that change colour). The mixture of colours begin at the end of September and continue into October. The park also features manicured gardens, a conservatory, sculptures & sports courts.

    2. The Rocky Mountains, Alberta

    Christopher Martin / Via

    Peak colours from late September and October, when the days are warmish and dry. Once the summer crowds have gone home, so you can actually find some solitude as you experience the reds and yellows of the sub-alpine larch and aspen trees.

    Try accessible spots like Johnston's Canyon, Jaspers Region and Tunnel Mountain near Banff or hike up to Lake Agnes from Lake Louise. Also check out locations from Brokeback Mountain, which offer stunning vistas. For more viewing spots, consult The Alberta Fall Colour Report.

    3. Qu’Appelle River Valley, Saskatchewan

    C. Westmoreland / Via

    Fans of fall might have a hard time in Saskatchewan, however, a 30-minute drive Northwest of Regina will take travellers to gently rolling hills, sprawling fields and a leisurely-flowing river. Qu'Appelle Valley plays host to lovely shades or red, orange and yellow when Autumn rolls around in October.

    4. Whiteshell Provincial Park, Manitoba

    Dave Reede / Via Getty Images

    Peak colours begin late September to early October and go until the end of the month. Visitors of Whiteshell Provincial Park can be expect to be filled with golden leaves, thanks in part of the numerous Fallgold Ash trees in the park. Choose any one of 200 lakes, throw in a hook and test your skills with big northern pike, bass, walleye, lake and rainbow trout while admiring the beautiful colours of fall

    5. Algonquin Park, Ontario


    Algonquin is at its best from the end of September to mid October. While the end of September or early October make for excellent leaf peeping, middle to end of October is primetime for spotting aspens, tamaracks and red oaks at their peak vibrancy. Explore the beauty that is Algonquin by foot or canoe this fall and see the trees reach their peak colour.

    6. Agawa Canyon Trip, Ontario

    Bill Steer / Via

    Peak colours reach at the end of September to the beginning of October, the most popular time of year for the Agawa Canyon Trip. The Agawa Canyon Trip runs from north 183 kilometers from Sault Ste Marie in northern Ontario and is a different way to see all the spectacular colours.

    7. The Bruce Peninsula, Ontario


    Fitting with the rest of Ontario, the Bruce Peninsula is filled with colours from late September to early October. The Bruce Trail is 800 km hiking trail that includes flora, fauna, water vistas and trees over 1000 years old.

    8. Niagara Parkway, Ontario

    Doug Hagadorn / Via

    Reaching peak colour in early October, Winston Churchill didn't say Niagara Parkway was "the prettiest Sunday afternoon drive in the world." Dividing Canada and the US, one of the loveliest stretch of colour is between Queenston, and Niagara-on-the-Lake. Enjoy the fall colours while sipping on a glass of Niagara Wine.

    9. The Laurentian Mountains, Quebec


    Here, peak colours run from late September to mid to late October in the southern locations. Québec is beautiful in the fall due to the colour of sugar maple trees, provincial yellow birch trees and the American beech trees. The Laurentian Mountains offer one of the most beautiful displays of fall colours in North America.

    10. Humber Valley, Newfoundland

    CHare Photography / Via

    From late September to early October, Humber Valley's fall foliage is well known for attracting tourists every fall and is even a destination on a few Atlantic cruises. From a canoe on the crystal waters of the river, view the lush trees and bushes against the Long Range Mountains – a vision of nature's beauty.

    11. Fundy Coastal Drive, New Brunswick


    Similar to the Cabot Trail, the Fundy Coastal Drive is also at its peak fall colours the beginning of October. This maritime adventure also offers some of the highest tides in the world with a variety of trees in colours and are similar to New England's with a much smaller crowd

    12. The Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia


    Beginning in early October, the Cabot Trail is known as one of the most beautiful drives in the world. Winding around Cape Bretons northern shore, this road trip will satisfy fall lovers in a spectacular way. You can also visit Cape Breton Highlands National Park or Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site.

    13. Confederation Trail, Prince Edward Island

    Alamy / Via

    Colours begin in mid September and last until late October, and thanks to the warm waters of the Gulf and Straight, PEI has one of the longest foliage periods. The Confederation Trail stretches 470 km across the province which you can bike, walk or run to the provinces most scenic spots. And if you need more convincing, from Sept 4-Oct 4 they have a Fall Favlours Culinary Festival.

    14. Fall Foliage by Rail, Toronto - Montreal - Quebec City - Halifax


    Its well known the dramatic changes autumn brings to the forests of Eastern Canada are not to be missed. Via Rail's special 6-night Fall Foliage vacation features some of Canada's most dramatic and interesting cities like Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, and Halifax, making sure you are able to capture all some of the best fall foliage Canada has to offer

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