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    13 Places To Travel With The Canadian Dollar Right Now

    Everyone knows the Canadian dollar isn't doing so well, but there are still some places to stretch your loonie.

    1. South Africa

    New 24 Africa / Via

    $1 CAD = R 9.77 ZAR

    100 rand would cost you $10.24

    South Africa is a large, diverse and incredibly beautiful country full of adventure, history, wildlife and great food. Although it's still a journey to get there, your Canadian dollar is worth more today than it has in the past decade.

    2. Japan


    $1 CAD = ¥ 95.39 JPY

    1,000 yen would cost you $10.48

    Visiting Mt. Fuji, eating sushi all day, and sampling the Tokyo nightlight has always been an expensive holiday but right now is a good time to get more yen for your buck. Although its not a cheap destination, now is the perfect time to check Japan off your bucket list!

    3. Brazil


    $1 CAD = R$2.60 BRL

    40 real would cost you $15.41

    Brazil, the land of the Samba, football, religion, rainforest, magnificent sprawling cities and unspoiled beaches.Today, the Brazilian real is suffering a downturn and the Canadian dollar is getting about 23% more than it did around this time in 2012. This means that theres no good reason not to see the beauty of the country first hand!

    4. Argentina


    $1 CAD = $7.07 ARS

    100 pesos would cost you $14.14

    Argentina offers a distinct and beautiful geography, interesting history and culture, thrilling nightlife, unique foods, endless shopping opportunities, and much more. And now the Canadian dollar goes about twice as far compared to five years ago!

    5. New Zealand


    $ 1 CAD = NZ$ 1.17 NZD

    100 dollars would cost you = $85.61

    Like Canada, New Zealand is a major commodity exporter and experts believe that explains why the New Zealand dollar is doing slightly worse than Canada's. Although you wont have a cheap holiday, your dollar will go a litter farther than it did at the start of the year. New Zealand wasn't chosen as the location for filming “The Lord of the Rings” for nothing.

    6. Iran


    $1 CAD = 22,777.20 IRR

    100,000 rial would cost you $4.39

    Don't count it out too easy! Since the recent nuclear deal between Iran, the U.S. and other countries, Iran is expecting tourism to increase. Despite its poor portrayal in Western media, Iran is actually pretty safe and secure with a lot of tourist destinations. With your dollar being able to stretch more than three times it could a decade ago see how beautiful country really is yourself!

    7. Iceland


    $1 CAD = kr 103.67 ISK

    1500 krona would cost you $14.47

    Want a taste of the Scandinavians without the Scandinavian prices? Well since Icelands 2008 bank crisis it is the prefect price for your travels. See volcanoes, glaciers and geysers in the many national parks and check out the weird lava formations and powerful waterfalls!

    8. Tanzania


    $1 CAD = 1,627.90 TZS

    15,000 shillings would cost you: $9.21 – today

    Wanna get your safari on for a decent price? The Tanzanian shilling hasn't been doing well in the past decade so its a great time to check some incredible places off your bucket list, like Zanzibar, Serengeti, and Mt. Kilimanjaro.

    9. Colombia


    $1 CAD = $2,202.09 COP

    30,000 pesos would cost you $13.62

    Visit as a backpacker or traveller, Colombia is a beautiful place to visit and is leaps and bounds ahead of where its tourism used to be. With much more to see and do and with the peso at a slight better value than it was a few years ago, its the perfect place to get your coffee fix!

    10. Russia


    $1 CAD = руб 45.92 RUB

    500 rubles would cost you $10.89

    Before you say anything, spring and summer are actually beautiful times of year in Russia (just like us!) And as a bonus the Canadian dollar’s relationship with the Russian ruble is leaning more and more in Canada’s favour these days. Converting Canadian dollars into lots and lots of vodka.

    11. Greece


    $ 1 CAD = € 0.70 EUR

    100 euros would cost you $142.26

    There isn't a great deal in the euro for Canadians and we've all seen the economic crisis Greece is in, but one of the best way to help Greece out right now is by visiting it! If you spend some time and shop around you can find that Greece can actually prove to be a pretty cheap vacation. Inside tip: if you use some Greek airlines you can save up to 40%!

    12. Turkey


    $1 CAD = ₺ 2.14 TRY

    100 Lira would cost you = $46.70 today

    Welcoming approximately 42 million visitors per year, there is no more historically diverse country in the world. However Turkey has been going through economic upheaval, resulting in downward pressure on their currency. From the Trojans, Mongols, Greeks, Romans, and Ottomans, many major empires and cultures have left their mark on modern-day Turkey. And, with fabulous beaches, awesome ruins, delicious food, and a variety of cultures, Turkey has something to offer everyone.

    13. Canada!


    Theres no place like home. Save yourself the headache of converting your funds and visit one of the magical places Canada has to offer!

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