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    14 Times Kevin Malone Was The Coolest Character On "The Office"

    There are some people who have charm and some people who don't.

    1. When he found the formula for true happiness.

    2. When he vocalized every person on Earth's dream in the most eloquent of ways.

    3. That time he capitalized on an opportunity during the "fire."

    4. When he admitted to what he actually does at work all day.

    5. When he revealed this secret from his past.

    6. The time he shared this life hack that we were all mad we didn't think of.

    7. When he brought in some of Kevin's Famous Chili, the thing he does best.

    8. When he wasn't afraid to voice his standards for intelligence.

    9. When he really took one for the team and survived the most awkward situation, like, ever.

    10. When he boycotted Angela's no seconds rule at the Christmas party LIKE A BOSS.

    11. When he reacted the same way we all do when someone compliments us.

    12. When he found a way to help Michael with his romantic issues in both a sympathetic and relatable way.

    13. When he ran over a turtle and very reasonably tried to save him.

    14. And when he was rightfully outraged at the concept of an even smaller version of cake. Where does it end with you people?

    It's only a matter of time.