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These Animals Playing In The Snow Will Melt Your Polar Vortexed Heart

Because we all need a little break from complaining about the face-shattering cold.

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This penguin is in full on winter beast mode.

A snowboarding possum. Extra points for striped sweater.

Polar bear be like GIVE ME ALL THE SNOWS.

This red panda CAN'T EVEN. He just can't.

This tiny monkey doesn't know what the eff is happening but he's totally prepared for more of it.

Burnese mountain pup thinks snow is THE BEST.

This ostrich is totally ready for Sochi.

Are you thawing out yet?

CUTE PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baby weiner dog is ready for the vortex in his tiny weiner vest.

This greyhound reminds us that with the proper attire we can enjoy all that winter has to offer.

Legit snow love right here.

Let's all imagine we are being spooned by this baby seal!

OMG a puppy AND a basket, I'm full of FUZZY WARM FEELINGS.

Snow. On. Nose.

This kitten needs a cuddle buddy STAT.

One final corgi for good measure!

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