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    20 Cats That Are Super High Right Meow

    Who's got the chronip, bro?

    1. You come home to find that kitty has broken into the catnip stash.

    2. There's drool already involved.

    3. He might be reeeally relaxed.

    4. He's got a full-on body buzz already.

    5. Sometimes, the nip makes cats extra floppy.

    6. Or extra hyper.

    7. Or just plain spazzy.

    8. Catnip basically amplifies your cat's weirdness.

    9. "I can taste colors. WAIT, I'm not colorblind anymore?!!!"

    10. Or extra lazy.

    "No, I can't do my chores right now, this feels really good though."

    11. "DUDE...I'm a whale."

    12. Ridin' dirty to PetSmart.

    13. "Look, I'm making magic biscuits out of the air."

    14. Kitties get the munchies too.

    15. Don't make them beg for more catnip.

    16. Catnip is totally safe for cats, so feel free to let them have as much as they want!

    17. If you grow your own catnip, it'll be super fresh and potent!

    18. "Roll up da catnip, Mon."

    19. We'll never know what it really feels like to be on catnip.

    20. But we hope it's super rad.

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