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    17 Things You Need To Complete Your Mermaid Transformation

    Because let's face it: who doesn't want to be a mermaid?

    1. For the gal who wants to ease into the transition.

    2. And the mermaids ready to come out to the world.

    3. Sometimes, you just need to give the normal folk that gentle reminder.

    4. For when you want to casually wear clam shells.

    5. Don't forget your dinglehopper.

    6. For the mermaid that loves Ariel's color combo.

    7. Or maybe you like your scales in a one piece.

    8. Mermaid hair accessories are extremely important.

    9. Add mermaid-esque hair length and color with extensions.

    10. Obviously you need this for when you upgrade to a finned Princess.

    11. Then, to Queen.

    12. A wave ready mermaid tail (just remember you are not actually a fish, sorry.)

    13. You need leggings for excursions on dry land.

    14. Can't forget the mermen out there.

    15. You need the perfect mermaid mani.

    16. You need these metallic shades for lagoon ready lids.

    17. Show everyone your love for your sea brethren.

    Better start practicing that signature hair flip.

    K, BYE!