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14 Times Forever 21 Male Models Had No Idea Wtf Was Happening

"Here, wear this panda onesie and eye- fuck the camera." -Forever 21 photographer

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1. He's not all about the bass.

Cute man bun tho. / Via

Cute man bun tho.

2. Is he thinking about dead puppies? I can't tell.

3. Leggings or shorts? BOTH.

4. You are really attractive but WTF IS HAPPENING?????!!!

5. Please tell me where this outfit is appropriate.

HINT: It's nowhere. / Via

HINT: It's nowhere.

6. "FML"- Attractive man wearing floral sweatsuit.

7. Are ponchos a thing again?

8. Not really gettin the vibe that you like boston terriers.

9. Someone's a grumpy panda.

10. "I'm just gonna look down for this picture, if that's okay." - Attractive man wearing floral suit.

11. "I just feel really sad about the dinosaurs, man."

12. "You guys realize I'm wearing a nightgown, right?"

13. There are cats fighting on your head, just FYI.


Me too, too. / Via

Me too, too.

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