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    22 Of The Most Hilarious Closed-Captioning Moments

    Sometimes you gotta just figure things out for yourself.

    1. The best music genre out there.

    2. Sometimes mistakes can change an entire plot.

    National Geographic / Via Twitter: @Apollymia_

    3. And sometimes there's just no hope of understanding at all.

    4. Learn more at

    5. AOL (Aughing Out Loud)

    6. Captioning other languages can be a difficult task.

    7. But someone found a solution.

    Dimension Films, / Via

    8. What's the purpose of subtitles again?

    ABC, / Via

    9. English can be hard too.

    The CW / Via Twitter: @WeBeliebBIG

    10. Animal language is obviously worth captioning.

    Walt Disney Pictures / Via

    11. Really, just all language.

    DC Entertainment / Via Twitter: @jasonstodds

    12. Ferry or fairy, they'll get there somehow.

    13. Even urination styles need to be noted.

    14. Accurate.

    Sochiku / Via Twitter: @redditfunnybot

    15. Even more accurate.

    16. Accurate down to the number of Os.

    17. Now THIS is what pain sounds like.

    Sochiku / Via

    18. And this may be the best description of laughter ever.

    ABC / Via

    19. This is a serious1 mistake.

    ABC Family / Via Twitter: @macmcdonaId

    20. Knowing the characters' breathing styles is also super helpful.

    21. It's best to just go ahead and throw subtitles on literally everything.

    NBC / Via

    22. Got it. Thanks.

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