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    Posted on Oct 13, 2015

    16 Times Tumblr Made You Think Too Hard

    *deletes Tumblr account*

    1. When they questioned what it meant to wait for waiters.

    2. When they couldn't answer a question about something we look at every day.

    3. When they made you think about your brain. Or made your brain think about itself?

    4. And made sleeping a less relaxing experience.

    5. When they pondered the feelings of spiders.

    6. When they suddenly made you less annoyed by babies crying.

    7. And when they started feeling sorry for inanimate objects.

    Bagels should be experienced by all.

    8. When they made balloons less exciting for everyone.

    9. And when they pointed out that there's really no difference between 'staches and brows.

    10. When they realized we don't simply "talk" to each other, we transfer data.

    Give yourself more credit!

    11. When they realized one of the first things you ever memorized in life was pointless.

    12. And that 26 letters go a long way.

    13. AND, that authors are really just remixers.

    14. Really, words are just too much for everyone.


    Everyone calm down!

    15. When they made you suddenly want to go hug your parents.

    16. And when they discovered that rock, paper, scissors wasn't just a game.

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