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17 Kids Who Aren't Messing Around This Christmas

No clothes, please.

1. This kid, who only has one thing in mind.

2. This kid, who doesn't seem to like his room or his family.

3. Nathan, who's just keeping it (real.)

4. This kid, who literally couldn't be more specific.

5. Perry, who has no limits.

6. Joseph, who knows what he likes and how he likes it.

7. And Hailey, who would probably get along really well with Joseph.

8. This little boy, who threw a little Christmas shade.

9. This kid, who might actually be on the naughty list.

10. Tyler, who has a few travel ideas in mind.

11. This kid, who wouldn't be mad if she got more than what she asked for.

12. And this one, who will certainly be expecting more.

13. This child, who really just wants to be Elsa.

14. This kid, who's keeping his morals in check.

15. This kid, who really doesn't care what she gets but needs Santa to be prompt.

16. Coby, who wants to know more about potatoes.

17. And Jonah, who really appreciates the simple things.