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19 Pictures That Are Way Too Real During Finals

"When did we learn this??"

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1. Immediately regretting your choices:

Jacques-Louis David / Via Twitter: @tinatbh

2. Feeling too confident before the test:

NBC / Via

3. And then completely changing your attitude:

NBC / Via

4. Getting off to a rough start:

5. Starting to panic:

6. Full-on panicking:

7. Not even being close to the right answer:

8. And going with the next best thing:

9. Realizing multiple choice is just evil:

Comedy Central / Via Twitter: @ColinCorson

10. Feeling betrayed:

11. Trying to pick up on clues:

12. Letting yourself down:

13. Pretending you're not completely lost:

Walt Disney Pictures / Via Twitter: @eastorwest626

14. Losing all hope:

15. Making this horrifying mistake:

20th Century Fox / Via

16. Needing a savior:

Columbia Pictures / Via Twitter: @luqman_mohamed

17. Facing the facts:

18. Becoming popular once you finish the test:

19. And realizing what's done is done:

Columbia Pictures / Via Twitter: @ExamProblems

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