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    17 Mildly Infuriating People Who Must Be Stopped

    *Screams internally*

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what small things frustrate them more than anything. Here's what really sets them off:

    1. People who don't bother using their turn signals.

    2. Loud eaters who chew with their mouths open, slurp, or make any kind of noises when they eat.

    —Jennifer Aquino, Facebook

    3. Drivers who tailgate you when you're going the speed limit, because apparently their destination is more important than yours.


    —Sarah Kramm, Facebook

    4. Those people who have no middle ground between whispering and SHOUTING.


    —Rebekah Marie Silva, Facebook

    5. And people (animals) who don’t close the door behind them when they leave the room...

    Warner Bros.

    —Ashley DelleFave, Facebook

    6. ...who are probably the same people who don't completely shut a drawer or cabinet door.

    Stephanie Rausser / Via Getty Images


    7. People who don’t understand or respect the elementary concept of a line.


    —Emrys Dennison, Facebook

    8. And think that lines move faster if they stand closer to you.


    —Sarah Jaye, Facebook

    9. People who scrape their teeth with their silverware and cause you physical pain.



    10. Strangers who think the seat beside you looks better than all the other empty ones.

    BigDawsTV / Via

    —Preschious Banks, Facebook

    11. Dream killers who put empty cereal or snack boxes back in the cupboard.

    Ye Rin Mok / Getty Images

    12. People who stop the microwave early and don’t bother to clear the seconds.

    Trent Armstrong / Via

    13. Groups of people who spread out and block your path while walking at the speed of a hungover sloth.

    Maskot / Getty Images

    14. Those people who are always looking for a compliment and post selfies with the caption, "This is such a bad pic, I’m so ugly."

    15. And people who say "Oh, sorry, I wasn't listening" when you finish telling a story. I'LL JUST SHUT UP NOW.


    —Chloe M Young, Facebook

    16. People who ask you “What’s wrong?” when you’re actually in a good mood. But since they asked, now you’re in a bad one.

    The CW

    17. And people who interrupt you when you're spea--


    —Alex Carney, Facebook

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