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    21 Tweets All Homebodies Will Appreciate

    Home is where the...everything is.

    1. Going out may be fun, but why go out when being at home has so much to offer?

    2. Staying in can really be an event worth celebrating.

    3. Not everyone understands your lifestyle.

    4. They might not understand what you consider a good time.

    5. Or how you choose to celebrate special occasions.

    6. Or even what you say vs. what you really mean.

    7. But eventually people will catch on...

    8. ...even your parents.

    9. You're not ashamed of your appreciation of the great indoors.

    10. But some things may make you wonder if you should be getting out more.

    11. Maybe sometimes you feel like you have to make your life look more exciting than it is.

    12. Eventually, you realize you might actually benefit from going out there.

    13. So you make some plans.

    14. But you're conflicted, because you know what will probably end up happening.

    15. And what you thought might happen, does.

    16. You know you're missing out on important stuff back at home.

    17. What's so great about going out, anyway?

    18. Staying home can be productive!

    Finally finished this puzzle after a three year hiatus. Only one piece is missing. #homebody

    19. Or, at least, that's what you might tell people.

    20. Plus, home is where some of your best pals are.

    21. So, keep calm and stay home.