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17 Of The Saddest Gingerbread Houses This Year

Home sweet heartbreak.

1. This abandoned house that just needs a little love.

2. This house that could have used a stronger foundation.

3. This gingerbread pile of doom.

4. This one that just couldn't take the heat.

5. And this house that's barely holding up.

6. This dark and dismal dwelling.

7. This not-so-merry structure.

8. And this festive, but fallen disaster.

9. This gingerbread arch.

10. This house that's far beyond repair.

11. This collapsed house that still has some potential.

12. This gingerbread crime scene.

13. This house that has some truly unique decorations.

14. This house that never got its chance to shine.

15. This little lodging.

16. This house that looks more like a rabbit than a "pineapple under the sea."

17. And this house that knows it doesn't need to be perfect.

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