18 Reasons You Need To Be Watching "Billy On The Street"

    The show that has everything you need and more.

    1. Billy is a LOUD, opinionated host who isn't afraid to get in your face and ask the hard-hitting questions.

    2. Billy's also extremely passionate. He once went on an amazing rant about Ratatouille mid-interview.

    3. And he once argued with a woman for a good three minutes about Denzel Washington.

    4. You'll see celebs do ridiculous things. Like Will Ferrell screaming his lungs out for an American Girl doll.

    5. Or Lindsay Lohan destroying a How I Met Your Mother car?!

    6. He plays unique games with celebs, like, "Is Beyoncé Scared Of That?"

    7. Or the Season 2 classic, "Would Drew Barrymore Like That?"

    8. It's pretty rare for celebs to win his games, but when they do, he gives the best prizes.

    9. There are intense lightning rounds where he gives dollars to "ANYONE WHO KNOWS ANYTHING!"

    10. He also gives strangers a chance to interact with the stars as they run around the block.

    11. Like when he and Amy Poehler went Christmas caroling. Few people knew any lyrics...and some didn't even know Amy.


    12. There are also some pretty brilliant celebrity-themed obstacle courses.

    13. You'll see a completely new side of your favorite stars.

    14. The holiday specials are truly captivating.

    15. And it's amazing to watch him stump people on the simplest of tasks.

    16. Even celebrities can't handle the pressure.

    17. You'll meet ELENA, who was so amazing when they met on the street in Season 2, that she's been on every season since.

    18. Billy On The Street has literally everything you could ask for and more.

    You can watch Billy On The Street here or every Thursday night at 10:30 p.m. on TruTV!