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    This Is What The Kid From "The Thirteenth Year" Looks Like Now

    He's certainly not 13 anymore.

    If you were a kid in 1999, chances are, you remember the Disney Channel Original Movie, The Thirteenth Year.

    Disney Channel

    And you probably remember this face:

    Disney Channel
    Disney Channel

    Remember Cody Griffin? Who turns into a mermaid...or, "MERMAN" on his 13th birthday?

    Disney Channel
    Disney Channel

    In case you forgot, his name is Chez Starbuck.

    Disney Channel

    What a great name. Chez. Starbuck.

    16 years have gone by, and Chez is all grown up:

    Chez hasn't acted since '03, but according to his Instagram, he's a very talented artist.

    He may have lost the fins, but he's still got that great smile...

    ...and that flawless hair.

    You'll always be our favorite merman.

    Looking good, Chez. Looking good.

    Guess you could say he came along rather ~swimmingly~.

    Disney Channel

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