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14 Things You Wish You Knew As A Freshman

Tips 'n' wisdom for every college student.

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1. Say you’re “with” your college newspaper to get into local concerts.

2. Befriend someone who actually works for the newspaper for access to the sweet software in their computer lab.


Also applies to befriending film and design majors.

3. This doesn't have to happen with everyone you meet:

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4. But don't be afraid to open up to the right people.


You'll make friends and acquaintances who will help you through all of life's struggs.

5. Always have several different versions of your resume ready to throw out whenever opportunities arise…

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6. …and always have at least three different ways to spin your major.

Who cares what it means as long as it contains buzzwords?
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Who cares what it means as long as it contains buzzwords?

7. Even though your major might not end up mattering much in real life.

8. Don't shell out your (usually nonexistent) savings for textbooks you'll only use for one semester.


Rent, borrow, find online.

9. There are scholarships and research grants for EVERYTHING.

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Apply for everything and get money back from your institution! (The best part of research grants is that you can “research” whatever you want, so long as you spin it the right way.)

10. Special diets often mean better food in cafeterias.


Kosher & vegetarian stations = DELICIOUSNESS.

11. Dining hall hacks will turn you into a culinary genius.


Or at least make your meals more awesome.

12. Use bathrooms in faculty areas.

They'll be WAY nicer.
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They'll be WAY nicer.

13. Use empty classrooms during finals when the libraries are packed.



14. Approach professors and become BFFs.


They have so much wisdom and experience to bestow upon you.

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