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16 Struggles Every College Student Can Understand

"I'm studying to be a professional coffee drinker and block quote-er."

1. Having roommates.

2. Trying to avoid the freshman 15...

3. ...and eating the laziest meals when you're not pigging out at the dining hall.

4. Becoming addicted to a new TV series right before midterms or finals.

5. Staring at your books and pretending to study.

6. Looking like this at 5 a.m. before every paper is due:

7. OK, let's face it. You're terrible at time management in general.

8. Feeling supremely awkward or embarrassed in at least one social situation.

9. Deciding which pictures to post to make your life look most exciting to your friends back home.

10. Actually missing your family.

11. Developing a crush on your super-smart, super-hot prof/TA.

12. Meeting length requirements.

13. Trying to network in hopes of getting a job/internship.

14. Walking to faraway classes in the middle of winter.

15. This happening every time you attempt to study:

16. Not being able to afford ANYTHING...

...especially textbooks.

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