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We Asked 5 Redditors About The New iOS Alarm Clock Fetish

Brace yourselves!

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I have always fantasized about being with a dominant woman, but never had the courage to talk to a real one. My alarm clock is the next best thing. I love it when it goes off and the Siri voice orders me around. I have Siri make me alarms for everything. I always add exclamation points at the end so she seems nice and stern.


When I was a kid I was never brave enough to stand up to my parents. The alarm clock on my iPhone allows me to be disobedient for the first time ever. I make alarms for everything, from cleaning my room to taking out the trash, just so I can ignore them. My apartment is an absolute mess.


I've always wanted to be a woman but never had the resources to go all in. The alarm clock allows me to make my daily schedule just like a woman's. I do this by always setting my alarms in such a way that ensures I am 15 minutes late to everything. Is that considered sexist? I'm not sure.


15 years ago I started a successful company that built alarm clocks. However, once the phone apps came in no one needed a physical alarm clock anymore. They could just ask Siri. As a result, my company went under. The idea of a powerful woman with a robotic voice destroying my whole life aroused me in a strange way. It made me feel so small. It made me feel so...submissive

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