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7 Women In Hijabs Who Have Something To Say


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My skin is naturally white. It looks dark because I spend a lot of time in the sun. When I take off the hijab, the tan line looks weird as hell. It looks like I'm wearing a mask.


When I go to sporting events that ban food, I shove some Costco pizza into my hijab. When security asks me why my hijab smells like Costco pizza, I just say التراجع أو سوف أبلغكم عن التمييز and they back off.


One time I was mad at my mom and decided to get back at her. I dyed my hair blue so I would look like a whore. For some reason she didn't notice, so I went further and had sex with 8 lesbians. That showed her.


One time I was walking down the street and a white man said to me "Are you part of ISIS?" I tried to turn the joke around on him and sarcastically said "I'm on my way to sign up." He pulled out an ISIS application and handed it to me. Turns out he was a recruiter. Oops.

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