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This Professional-Grade Cuisinart Skillet Is One Of The Best Nonstick Pans Money Can Buy

Get ready to make all your nonstick-cooking dreams come true.

Emmy Favilla One year ago
Erik Mathes One year ago

This $20 Knife Set Is Ridiculously High-Quality And Will Become Your Everyday Kitchen Tools

This Cuisinart knife set comes highly rated for a reason — and it'll brighten up your kitchen to boot.

Erik Mathes 2 years ago

12 Essential Seasonings You Should Always Have In The Kitchen

Upgrade your meals from eh to epicurean with a few deft shakes of a jar.

Erik Mathes 2 years ago

Six Reasons To Smack The $#!t Out Of People Who Buy Kale Chips (Instead Of Making Them From Scratch)

Because this particular ilk of humanity clearly has no concept of money, time, and the unparalleled elation from a DIY success, it’s time to lay the smack down.

Erik Mathes 6 years ago

One Last “Cook” For The “Breaking Bad” Series Finale

An original New Mexico-inspired chili recipe that's as fiery, edgy and intense as TV's greatest series. If the ending doesn't sit well with you, at least this delectable Southwestern stew will.

Erik Mathes 6 years ago