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    • cheenaeagleg

      Jane Smith - “even care if you support the Conservative’s other values “. Other values? Are you saying/suggesting they have any legitimate ‘values’? If so, please do share them with us folks - as for me, I can’t seem to clear away enough of the dirt, scum, mud, guilt, lies, and general sleaziness of just about everyone in this party - starting at the top!
      And Wright whinilly suggesting that the Senate needed to be reined in because they were (in fact) doing their job tells me all I need to know - about Wright and his ‘Christian’ values, and everyone else in the PMO - They are CRIMINALS, one and all of them and there should be some special legislation that we, everyday Canadians, can invoke to de-throne this miserable low-life piece of schitt and his entire stinking reprehensible party!!

      And, just as an aside - to those people in the Edmonton area that saw Brent Rathgeber resign to operate as an independent - pretty easy now to
      see why eh?! In my view, there isn’t even one of them with any integrity or morals! God help us and our country get thru the next 2 months - we are going to need all the hope and prayers we can muster up!

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