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Who Were You In High School?

Which high school personality fits you best?

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  1. Maths
    Data Structures and Algorithms II
    Crushing Brewz-ology
  2. You would not believe your pants, if 10,000 fire ants...
    Baby, you're a firework
    I'm socially liberal but fiscally conservative
    Want to buy my dank weed?
    Captain "Sully" Sullenberger was no hero. Any competent airline pilot would have been able to avoid a flock of fucking birds.
    Will you go to prom with me?
    That party last night was awfully crazy, I wish we taped it, I danced my ass off and had this one girl completely naked.
  3. My hot girlfriend LMAOOOOOOO
    There's a party tomorrow night?
    A keg of VOSS water
    Mike's Absolute Hardest Lemonade
    I can't go. I have to read Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" for class :(
    "Please help me, a rogue jock stuffed me in this locker!"
    The revolution.
    A magnum brand condom
  4. Robotics Club
    The Lacrosse Team
    Drama Club
    Old Taylor's Ghost
    Smoking blunts behind the 7/11
    Canvassing for John McCain's failed 2008 presidential campaign.
  5. Not asking Taylor to prom!
    I didn't explore my sexuality in ways that I wanted
    Eating all of those snakes on a dare
    That I had but one life to live
    October 20th. It was a cloudy, festering night. I did things to myself and an overripe eggplant that no man or woman could ever dream of.
    No regrets! Just happy memories :)

Who Were You In High School?


NEEERRRDDDDDDDDD!!!! Haha!! Enjoy being a beta for the rest of your life. Your interests include having no friends, getting shoved in lockers, and probably reading books about Taxidermy or something equally dweeby. Jeez. You're just the worst!

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You got: The Jock

High Five!. You've got the sickest delts, and date the hottest girl in school. If you weren't the Homecoming King, it's because you were too cool to show up. When you die, you will be immediately transported on a golden beer chariot to "Babeheaven". Enjoy the peak bro. It only gets higher from here.

The Jock
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You got: The Class Clown

Your jokes are legendary. You were a memelord before it was cool to be a memelord. But to be clear, you were definitely cool. You probably gave the graduation speech, and people are still quoting it today. Remember that prank you pulled senior year? With the quesadillas? A+

The Class Clown
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